the language of flowers | a r t  i n s t a l | public platform

This cross-disciplinary team combines the creative ingenuity of an artist and community developer, interior designer, teacher, florist, local retailers, a photographer, electronic technologist, and sound designer.


Creative team: Marina LommerseHayley CurnowJess RichardsonThomas RoweAngela Mitchell, Leah Dent, Jack Holmes, Paul Gray (Toneweaver).


The Language of Flowers was made possible through the generously given time and enthusiasm of Curtin University Interior Architecture students, fabulous friends and family. Thank you all.

The Language of Flowers was an urban installation, part of Art Transforms Claremont and PUBLIC Platform 2016, Australia’s first prototyping festival showcasing 23 Perth creative teams transforming Bayview Terrace in Claremont with playful installations, interactive sculptures and immersive experiences.


Say it with flowers. For centuries, flowershave stood in for words and been used totransmit coded and symbolic messages. A mix of installation, performance and object-making, The Language of Flowers exploits the Victorian art of floriography, creating an interactive floral ‘playscape’ to entice people to express emotions. A rose, it seems, is not just a rose.



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